Josh Moyer: Studio. A selection of copyrighted artwork that I have created.

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2017.07.02: Concorde

I love this aircraft! I regret that I'll never get a chance to fly in it, so I made a drawing of it instead. Simulated chalk and pencil.

2017.01.01: Concentric Rings of Light

My first animated work. Created with a custom visual effects library.

2017: High Resolution 3D Plots

3D plots that I rendered in ProDOS (née Applesoft) BASIC.

2000.07.12.0030: Jane's apple in oil and crayon

Jane needed apples.

2000.06.11.1652: Jade Vas in Chalk

Here, the artist revisits an earlier work. Note how more attention has been paid to detail, proportion, lighting, and shaping.

2000.04.01.2355: Jade Vas (or "Teacher, I coloured outside the lines")

Originally, I purchased this vas with the intent to make it into a gift, but later decided it was all wrong (mostly because of a chip in the finish at the mouth.) Now it has become subject.