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NODOMAIN.NET (a not-for-profit and voluteer-run organization) Terms of Service are different than those of most websites. In order to access NODOMAIN.NET services, you must agree a) to our use of your Shared Information, b) to waive the below rights which may be available to you in your jurisdiction and c) to abide by and honor our Terms of Use by checking each of the 5 boxes below. If you can not or do not agree, then you may not use or access NODOMAIN.NET systems or services and must leave immediately.

Shared Information

Information that you choose to share with NODOMAIN.NET for processing and collection:

What NODOMAIN.NET uses your information for:

How NODOMAIN.NET shares your information and who gets to see it:

I consent to the collection and use of my Shared Information.

Notice and Waiver of Rights and Idemnification

In the event that your Shared Information is compromised, you agree to a) waive the right to be notified of the breach and b) to waive any claims of liability or damages that may result from the breach.

I waive my right to be informed of data breaches and agree to indemnify NODOMAIN.NET from liability and damages that may result.

NODOMAIN.NET will not make acessible to IP packet originators their archived packets. It is the responsibility of the originator to archive their packets at the time of origination and also to be aware of their contents.

I waive my right to access and review my Shared Information that is stored on NODOMAIN.NET systems.

NODOMAIN.NET reserves the right to delete your Shared Information from its systems at its sole discretion.

I waive my right to be forgotten or erased.

Other Terms

By accessing NODOMAIN.NET systems and services you also agree to abide by the following additional terms:

I agree to abide by and be subject to these Terms of Use.

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Josh Moyer: Studio. A selection of copyrighted artwork that I have created.

Other sites of mine:

2017.07.02: Concorde

I love this aircraft! I regret that I'll never get a chance to fly in it, so I made a drawing of it instead. Simulated chalk and pencil.

2017.01.01: Concentric Rings of Light

My first animated work. Created with a custom visual effects library.

2017: High Resolution 3D Plots

3D plots that I rendered in ProDOS (née Applesoft) BASIC.

2000.07.12.0030: Jane's apple in oil and crayon

Jane needed apples.

2000.06.11.1652: Jade Vas in Chalk

Here, the artist revisits an earlier work. Note how more attention has been paid to detail, proportion, lighting, and shaping.

2000.04.01.2355: Jade Vas (or "Teacher, I coloured outside the lines")

Originally, I purchased this vas with the intent to make it into a gift, but later decided it was all wrong (mostly because of a chip in the finish at the mouth.) Now it has become subject.